Welcome to Soap Love Flowers boutique.
My name is Petya and I live in San Antonio, TX.
But it was long way until I settled here. I was born and grew up in Bulgaria, a little country in Eastern Europe. I spent my childhood in the nature and spent every vacation with my grandma who taught me about the flowers and plants. I enjoyed her whimsical garden every season. After high school I moved to Germany and that country turned into my big love. I spent almost 20 years there. I finished there my Master of Arts. In Germany I met my American husband and 3 years later we got married. I never imagine to live in USA. But the life is full of surprises. My husband got new job in the States, and we had to leave Germany. We moved to San Antonio, Texas. Now I’m here with my husband, my daughter, and my fur baby Troy.
I love art and I enjoy going to exhibitions. My hobby is hunting for treasures at estate sales. They are big deal in San Antonio. You meet so many interesting people and you enter in a world full of memories and rare items.
I had very difficult time to adapt here. It took me 5 years, but in this time, I discovered the Texas nature. Texas is the land of the wildflowers which inspired me to develop my creativity and make jewelry. One of my first jewelry I made here was with real Texas Bluebonnets, that are so beautiful and unique.
I opened “Petya’s World” in 2017, because I wanted to share with everyone my passion for jewelry and flowers. I am specialized in custom jewelry made from wedding bouquets, memorial flowers, or flowers from any other special occasion.
In 2021 I decided to expand and created my second brand Soap Love Flowers, because I adore flowers and their scents. This brand specializes in soap flower bouquet arrangements and artisan soap bars. My soap flowers are fragrant with essential oils that match the natural scent of the flowers. I also work with each customer individually and help them create their own unique flower display that represents their style.
My mission is to create unique handmade products that are as close to the nature and showing its beauty.
I take tremendous pride in handcrafting each soap flower, each soap bar and each jewelry by hand in small batches. Each one is truly unique. Just like you!