Frequently Asked Questions

    1.Do you make custom and personalized orders?

    We do make custom orders. Please contact us for more details!

     2.What are your soaps made with?

    You will find the ingredients for each item listed with the description of the item. All soaps are made with natural vegetable based oils (Olive, Coconut, Responsibly Sourced Palm Oil, Shea Butter). Some of the ingredients are 100% organic. Some of the soaps include 100% organic goat milk. Soap Love Flowers uses both essential oils and fragrance oils. The fragrance oils are paraben and phthalate free. They are high quality, skin-safe fragrances.

    DISCLAIMER: If you have known allergies or existing medical condition, please advise us before the order. In addition, we offer unscented soap flowers!
    3.Can the soap flowers from the flower arrangements be used as body care?
    Although our soaps are made with natural and organic ingredients, we do not recommend using the soap bouquet flowers for daily body care. The flower bouquets are indoor decor.  
    DISCLAIMER: Please keep away from children and pets!
    4. How to take care of the soap flowers?

    Keep the soap flowers a way from humidity and direct sun light! For the soap flowers we use plant-based glycerin. In humidity weather is possible to form water drops, They will disappear when you move them in dry place and leave them air dry couple of hours.

    5. How make your soap bar last longer?
    • keep the soap a way from water!
    • always keep your soap in an appropriate soap dish that allows drainage!
    • store smaller pieces in a soap saving pouch!
    6. Are the "Petya's World" jewelry handmade?
    Yes, all jewelry are handmade in San Antonio, TX
    7. How do you take care of the jewelry?
    • Don't swim, take shower or bathe with your resin jewelry!
    • Please avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time!
    • Store the jewelry in a dark place!
    8. Why SOAP LOVE FLOWERS charges for shipping?
    No carrier delivers for free. Either a company is huge and can absorb shipping or they build it into the price of the product, or they charge shipping. We pay shipping by box size, weight, and destination.
    9. I see a "Local Pick up in San Antonio, TX " option for shipping. Do you have a physical store location?
    Soap Love Flowers does not currently have physical store. It has the "local pick up" option for local customers who would like to meet at the Encino Public Library (2515 E Evans Rd, San Antonio, TX 78259)  to pick up their order to avoid the shipping costs. Soap Love Flowers will contact you about a good time to meet up once she receives your order.
    10. What happens if I need to change my address after placing an order?
    If your order has not shipped yet, we can easily change your address for free. Once the shipment leaves our facility, we do not have the ability to re-route it without the change-of-address claim.
    Please email  to process your request.
    Don't see an answer for your question?
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